• 100% export oriented modern seafood industry.
  • It was established in 2006, at the port city Khulna, Bangladesh.
  • It’s commercial production started from 2007.
  • Auto grading system has established with a capacity of 2,000 Kg/hour.
  • Scada software and PLC auto control refrigeration system are used in the plant.


Environmental Policy

We are committed to conducting all its business activities responsibly with due regard to environmental impact and sustainable performance. The Company believes that the environment is everybody’s responsibility and all employees are accountable for environmental performance. We seeks to achieve steady improvement in meeting its environmental standards while working to minimize any negative impact on the local and global environment as The company grows its business.

To reach these targets:

    Conducts operations in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.
    Implements and certifies the internationally recognized environmental management system. ISO 14001, in its operations to ensure accountability and continuous improvement.
    includes environmental strategies and objectives in its business planning process to ensure that management of environmental impact remains an integral part of its operations.
    Identifies environmental aspects, sets environmental goals, monitors results and audits processes in order to assess its performance against internal and external environmental standards.
    Identifies and implements ways to improve the efficiency with which The Company uses materials and resources, prevents pollution, minimizes emissions,
    Commits to protecting the climate by reducing energy use and coolant emissions.
    Encourages and equips its employees to identify and act upon opportunities to improve environmental performance and waste management in the areas where they work.
    Communicates its environmental requirements and performance to stakeholders.